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tryggvi’s atelier is based on the work of Tryggvi Kristinsson, but as a part of a large network of professionals, specialized in all the different fields of decor work. it is a decor atelier working mainly on decors for films, theater and animations.

tryggvi’s atelier was formed in 1997 and has ever since processed different ideas and plans. the projects have slowly grown larger in size and quality. knowledge and experience have built up through the years, both in construction and the use of different materials, as well as in the most important ‘how it looks’ aspect.

because of the large network of specialist in all different fields of decor work, the atelier’s approach is both open and flexible – the task is to adequately translate directors’ and designers’ ideas to the stage.

the work varies from small sections of much larger projects to completing entire projects from a to z. it also includes making as much as possible of very small budget projects, as well as realizing very accurate and ambitious big budget projects.

the fun lies in the struggle of creating a stage that presents a tim

e and a place in the past, some particular situation in today’s life, a future fantasy, or an imagined world. working in a group, designing, processing and implementing projects with artistic quality.

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